Why working with us?

Top view on desk with computer, mouse, mobile and plant| web design company Palma de Mallorca

We are a boutique web design company based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Boutique because we are a small agency that places a unique focus on working closely and hand-in-hand with our clients, creating beautiful, custom websites that you and your clients love. It is very important for us to really meet your needs and to provide a stellar customer service.

All our websites have a modern design and are responsive, i.e. they adapt to the device they are used on. And this is particularly important, because most of the web’s content is currently being viewed on a mobile phone, tendency growing.




As a web design company with a strong background in photography we will also be able to give you professional advice on the photography side of your website. And if needed, we are more than happy to create custom-made photography for you.

Whilst the phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words” might be overused, it still holds true. The use of the right images on your website is a very important factor to engage your audience. It can often overtake the best description in terms of impact.



We are a down to earth web design agency, affordable and transparent. You will really get what you asked for, for the price we agreed on up-front. There will be no hidden fees. And as you will be closely involved from the start there will be no bad surprises at the end.


We want to empower you and want you to get a better understanding. So it will not just be some tech talk you cannot comprehend. You will be involved in the different steps of the web development process, will understand what is needed and what is happening at a particular stage. We will provide you with important knowledge about your website so that you have the skills and confidence to write your blog or to add more content to your site.




Whatever you want to achieve, is it creating a brand new website, giving your existing website a new face or just adding certain features such as a payment link to it, we are able to help.